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Active Desktop Wallpapers for Windows

Sometimes I found nice wallpapers for IBM notebooks called “World Time”. There were two versions: a static color foreground image and an active version in grayscale. As I was an IBM notebooks fan I decided to improve an active version of the wallpaper. So, you can try an updated “World Time” active wallpaper.


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“World Time”


“World Time”—an active desktop for Windows, based on JavaScript/DOM scripts. At the startup it determines current system language, desktop resolution and plots a dot for every city from data pack on a map with time zones. Currently 5 interface languages are supported: English, Russian, French, Spanish, German.






To add a desired city on the map open “worldtime.cities.js” file, add the following block into Cities array:

  Name      : { 'en': '‹City name in English›', '‹locale name›': '‹city name in local language›' },
  OffsetX   : ‹0..1400›,   // X coordinate on the map
  OffsetY   : ‹0..1050›,   // Y coordinate on the map
  GmtBias   : ‹-12..12›,   // GMT time offset

DstType : '‹ | absolute | relative›', // '' (none)—for regions without daylight saving periods, absolute—for regions with fixed daylight saving period. DstBias : ‹-1..1›, // -1—for southern, 1—for northern hemisphere, '' (none)—for regions without daylight saving periods.

DstStart and DstEnd records should be set according to selected DstType value. If DstType is set to 'absolute', you have to set day and month:

  DstStart :
    month   : ‹1..12›
    day     : ‹1..31›

If DstType is set for 'relative', you have to set month and number of the weekday.

  DstStart  :
    weekday : ‹1..7›, // 1—Sunday, ... 7—Saturday
    month   : ‹1..12›
    nth     : ‹-2..2› // weekday position (from beginning of the mongth, or from the end)

E.g. if daylight saving time starts on the last Sunday of the March you have to set nth to -1. Otherwise, for the first Sunday you have to set nth to 1.

To adjust time format edit the following section in “worldtime.cities.js”:

var TimeFormat =
  en: 12,
  ru: 24,
  fr: 24

To change the default background image you can download one of the image sets, then unpack and overwrite images from archive into “/opt” subfolder.

 pack #1 (2.71 MB)

 pack #2 (11.08 MB)

 pack #3 (12.23 MB)

 pack #4 (13.43 MB)

If you have any suggestions how to improve this wallpaper, please, email me on aNxOoSfPiAbMe!rN@OgSmPaAiMl!.NcOoSmP.


December 4, 2006—October 12, 2011
Maxim Proskrunya
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