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About me


I'm 45 years old. I graduated Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics department of the Moscow State University. I have two pretty nice daughters (twins) and a little son.

My work

My experience is based on information techonoly area. My first job experience was at IT-magazine's editorial staff, where I started to write something. Then, successively I worked at IT-departments of software development companies as programmer and system analyst. Currently I work at “Medialogia” company on project management position.

Most projects I participated in were based on C++, Object Pascal and PHP developing tools.

My interests

Behind the IT-area I have interests also in photography, bass-guitar (beginner), skis/bike, and Hi-Fi equipment.

My e-mail address


I'd like to thank authors of free software that I use almost every day:

OS GNU/Linux GNU (FSF, Linus Torvalds)
Manjaro (Archlinux)
Internet navigator Mozilla FireFox (Mozilla)
E-mail client Mozilla Thunderbird (Mozilla)
Graphic image editor GIMP (Spencer Kimball, Peter Mattis)
Graphic image editor MyPaint (Мартин Ренольд)
Non-linear video editor Kdenlive
Audio editor Audacity (Richard Ash et al.)
Audio player DeaDBeeF (Oleksiy Yakovenko et al.)
Audio player Audacious (John Lindgren et al.)
Text editor Geany (Colomban Wendling et al.)
Office applications LibreOffice (The Document Foundation)
HTTP-server Apache (Apache Software Foundation)
Script translator for web development PHP (PHP community)
FTP-client FileZilla (Tim Kosse)

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